Allison Braga – Craftsmanship! Leather Belts Handmade

The Allison lives in Monkeys, MG, close to Belo Horizonte. We crossed paths more or less a year, the subject of the conversation a jacket M-65 vintage that he wore. No one crosses our path by chance, and I found in him a friend and a lot of prose about what he calls “tough style”. In addition to good taste, is skillful, a master cuteleiro that is also specializing in products made in leather.

Allison Braga – Craftsmanship Leather Belts Handmade

The Craft Work

The Allison that made some belts and key chains leather of a well-known store boots in Belo Horizonte, and also backpacks and wallets for some shops motorcycle kustom. Gradually, it is expanding the line, training the hands to soon launch its own brand, the Braga Leather.

Last year I jumped in the workshop to see the craftsmanship up close. The leather products are fully handmade, 100% handmade. The leather is cut out with hands, with knives, and molds that he has developed. All the holes for the sewing and each dot line is done with the hands and the needle. The holes of the belts, are made with force and hammer.

We spent the morning in Monkeys, with a sweet milk homemade cheese canastra and coffee good.

Poetry is when another person expresses our thoughts with more eloquence of the we are able. Has an article from Bruce Boyer (one of the greatest writers when it comes to men’s fashion) that talks about the spirit of the craft. The text quotes the German poet Heinrich Heine, when you visit the great cathedral in Amiens, noted in his diary:

“When we were in the Cathedral of Amiens my friend asked me why we were capable of building such works, and I answered: “Dear Alphonse, in the old days, men had convictions; we, currently, we only have opinions. It takes more than opinions to build a cathedral.”

People who develop a skill / craft that you train until your hands and your brain work in perfect harmony, are the ones who keep alive the thinking of the builders of cathedrals, as there is a big difference between the passion for doing something perfectly – exactly the way you imagine – and do what everyone wants, in the largest possible quantity, as soon as possible.

It is true that some machines do specific tasks with more precision. It is also true that some brands have access to the best materials of one person alone. Craft turned the jargon of the advertising that almost always means that several hands have guided this product through various machines. The difference in the feeling and the philosophy of work is enormous.

That same article ends with another letter from the 19th century, written by the English writer Thomas Carlyle:

“Hardly there will be something in this world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper. And the people who consider only price, will be their deserved victims”.

By uniting the form to function way more satisfying than we can imagine, and for refusing to accept the distortion of poor quality, the craftsmen of the truth deserve our respect, admiration and loyalty. The products they make for us, become the most valuable of all!

See Allison’s work was amazing. Break, walked out of there with a belt in the leather atanado natural (vegetable tanned). Technically, this may not be the best belt in the world, but it has a lot of commitment, passion for quality, desire to create, and make something better each day (in the best possible way!) embedded in the product.

Here are some pictures of the process and of the day in Monkeys.