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Child Growth

To help kill the curiosity of parents in relation to the weight and height of their children, we talk about the calculator infant growth. You know everything.

It becomes important for parents to know the weight and the height of the baby from the time of the 1st ultrasound, and in this way, they are able to also realize if the baby is developing well or if you have any problem growth. To help calm anxiety and reduce the degree of curiosity of the parents, there is a calculator for child growth.

Know how many grams your baby has gained and how many inches you grew up, transmits peace of mind that he is developing well within the belly, however, this is a concern that lasted until a late stage of adolescence.

There is often, that each centimeter (cm) that the child gains is synonymous with celebration, being the weight and the height, parameters that will always be on the tip of the tongue of the parents until the children become adults.

The growth begins from the life, intra-uterine, and occurs at different speeds according to the different stages of life. In the first year of life the growth is on average 25 cm, in the second of 12 cm and in the third, at around 8 cm.

In childhood, the average growth is 4 to 6 cm a year. This speed around the speed up at puberty, knowing also, that the girls grow up early when you go through puberty than the boys.


To properly evaluate the growth, it is necessary to take into account several factors, such as:

  • Heredity or genetics: that is, it is very often we find that parents of high bear the children high and parents low produce children with average or low. However, exceptionally, it may happen that parents low have children taller and vice-versa;
  • The evolution and development of the pregnancy: if there is any heart problems or vascular in the mother, can somehow prevent the placenta to transfer nutrients properly to the fetus, impairing the growth phase of the uterus, as well as after the birth.


The values of weight and height should increase proportionately, or is, in the growth curves (that can be observed, for example, in the bulletin, children of his son), the rows corresponding to each one of you should rise at the same pace.

It is of utmost importance that this interpretation of the graphics is done by a pediatrician or a health care professional appropriate, as read by a layman can lead to misinterpretation of the results.


Children who suffer from chronic problems, such as, for example, asthma, allergies, malfunctioning kidney and heart, should always be taken into particular attention.

Both the diseases such as the medications used to treat the diseases listed above, may change the measurements on the tape measure and the scale.

A child with rheumatoid arthritis, for example, has inflammatory markers in the blood that interferes with the growth and, in addition, you’ll have to take corticosteroids for prolonged periods, which will also influence its development. But, with the guidance of an expert, it is possible to make the appropriate choices in each case so that health is not compromised.

At home, keep an eye on in the course of a year, if the child goes without their having clothes and shoes made to measure. If all continued to serve perfectly, comment with your child’s pediatrician.

In the face of any change, the first step will be to identify and treat any diseases, including the endocrine. When the child is very low, the doctor will investigate whether it is the food properly and absorb the nutrients properly.

He can also analyze if your son has a deficit of growth hormone, GH, by means of blood tests. In addition to changing the height, this substance is responsible for the balance of the rates of sugar in the blood and by the increase of bone mass.

Already in the case of overweight or obesity, diet and routine of physical activity should be assessed. Disturbances with negative impact on food, such as gluten intolerance or milk protein, can also hinder growth if they are not diagnosed early.


There are several sites on the internet with calculators infant growth, but always keep in mind to choose calculators reliable and never forget, that these calculators are only an estimate, and in reality, vary slightly the results in relation to the predicted value.

In this site, maternity color, you will see a calculator which makes a prediction of the stature of his son when he is an adult, taking into account the following parameters: sex and age of child, height of mother and father.

On the site, “Tab Baby”, can we have access to two types of calculators, important, relating to infant growth, in particular:

  • Calculator height and weight of the child, which determines if the weight and height of your baby are within the values taken as reference for the age of the baby, or whether they are above or below the expected;
  • Calculator height likely of the child – the Method of the fathers, which is an estimate of the stature likely your child when they become an adult, taking into account the height of the parents and the sex of the child.

Never forget that these values are only an estimate and may not match 100% with the height of your child in adulthood.