How to Use Clipping Triangle For Chic Looks

After our so beloved cropped and fashion of the side cutouts, now it is time for the triangle cutout to do the trick.

As in other trends, this clipping model also makes part of the belly, but it can be used in a more discreet way. There are models that end up favoring more the body for hiding part of the belly and the sides of the waist, leaving only a small piece.

Personally, I love this and I think it’s super modeling because this minor clipping can be used by a large part of Brazil, as well as enhance the body without stumbling on vulgarity.

My favorite model is the one with the cut a little larger (Almost an equilateral triangle. Hi?? ) and with the wider cross-handles model. I think more chic and elegant as well as enhance the shoulders and help draw the body. I’m looking for one now!

Not to miss, ideally repeat the basics of cropped: keep your navel hidden and don’t dare at the neckline. Another important point is about the shape of the dress, which may not be fair too much for not “left” skin on the clipping, and not too wide for tissue left and end up showing more than desired.

A model who’ve been doing it recently and gave the talk was that Pedro Lourenço dress used by Isis Valverde at the launch party for the collection of designer for the Mac. I found it was exaggerated too much and, in my view, not appreciated the actress’s lap, but until she held the look. Even though my body was in shape like hers, I wouldn’t risk using a template so bold as well! And you, what do you think?

NOW GOSSIP: You already are aware of the rumors that Kaka and Carol Celico are separated right? Legend has it that they just didn’t take the termination by virtue of a contract of publicity advertisements are boys. However the baphão largest comes now, according to the portal “Glamurana”the separation would have been pivor our pirigueta the day Isis Valverde. Shocked??? First Trenton and now Kaka! Tá tenso hein!

And then, leaving the girls gossip aside, what do you think of this new trend? Would they work? I loved it and soon you will see me “Triangulating” around here!