Ideas to Dress Up at Work: The New Look of Leighton Meester and More Street Looks

A time to be part, Leighton Meester It has a new hermanisima that well could be said with the letter that prolonged until exhaustion and without fetching the breath, Minka Kelly is the typical woman who seems divine death. With her he stars in the new film & #8216;The Roomate‘ and she leaves us new perfect looks for work.

We already know the perfect role of Leighton Meester as ladylike in power, hence that who like this style are his followers. In each new promotional Act, while non-those rare in its vein of singer “ modern ”, usually a new set to learn. In the recent emergence in the Apple Store in the Soho New York was no less. But as we are left wanting more we take a look at the beloved streetstylers and select more looks of those who love us.

Look for the work of Leighton Meester

Prior to that we see in more detail to Leighton Meester. A simple, perfect look for a day of work or one act more as of this time. Black and color Earth with a great pair of shoes of Brian Atwood. Zero-add-ins.

Clearly is not one look anyone. The American goes dressed in Giambatista Valli Pre-Fall 2011.

Ideas for work in the street looks

We started from least to most. The Basic they are elemental in the whole street. As much as we try to innovate and incorporate new garments at the end that more result give us are the usual. In two days will come half time and keep the blessed trench to cover what may come. Then with a white shirt and a pair of jeans, we have made all.

Another common combination and that it does not fail: black and white. Pencil skirts to work until half leg or a little more if we want to (either we move on) mixed with a top striped black and white, that there are in all stores. Important the choice of some good boots and coat to achieve the set stand out more. In this case the footwear could be improved.

With the new length in stores, it is impossible to not let yourself be tempted. A good coat, a skirt, a dress … any piece of that style falls under the new charms of fashion. Now, if we want to go to work better we forgo some shoes gold as the image. Well, for work and for any occasion.

Almost all the present us here love Chanel, It’s uncontrollable and logical. If asked to Zara I am sure that confesses the same affection for the French maison, hence their blazers as well remaining for a day’s work. The best of this set, which can be improved, is the incorporation of sneakers as casual and sporty touch.

Don’t forget that spring is already in stores, and among the many patterns we see the of the polka dots It is one of the main. Beautiful skirts in red combined with sweaters in pink.

Or something similar but in this case a short dress in dark blue with successful black booties.


Pin by Haylee Wong on Fashion I like | Pinterest

Pin by Haylee Wong on Fashion I like | Pinterest