The Debut of Alessandro Dell’Acqua for Bad in The Week of The Fashion of New York

In addition to being of celebration, the anniversary of several of their fetish designers, the New York fashion week, is premiered: Alessandro Dell’Acqua premiered at the head of an Italian firm that in just two years, has gone through the hands of three different creative directors (all Italians, that Yes).

The creator, that it has been since 1996 parading with their designs on the runway of Milan under his own name and address, a thing quite difficult even for a company that oneself has founded, has crossed the pond to take care of a House that has thirty years of history but that just a couple of years who moved to the Big Apple.

Arrival was quite necessary and gives it to a cloth a little lost, a course with a view to reach fruition; at least it has made us enjoy effect hits and European dyes in a gateway plagued by poorly understood sport and brands that are not worthy of parade.

IRIS Strubegger appeared onstage with a dress made from strips of tulle, a design in tribute to one of the most admired designers Dell ‘ Acqua, Charles James, considered one of the masters of the Court at the time of the fifties and all a pioneer of the avant-garde aesthetics.

And Vanguard is the guideline that seems to have been imposed Alessandro, and not only seems to remember designers of yesteryear but winking eye also geniuses of today such as Martin Margiela and but attention to his boots sandal (remember Rachel Bilson with the original model).

As well as clean and precise cutting running layered sleeveless, Bermuda, and deconstructed tops combining dusty blue, and the camel tones (perfect combination I must say) and that monopolize the color palette, but that empalagosos thanks to the forms, are not all silhouettes and power of execution.

The transparent tulle they are the basis of the majority of garments; and are master when they engaged with embroidered crystals in shades of copper and combined with lightweight blazers without shoulder pads and sleeve oval.

The emebellecidos dresses are absolutely chic and exquisite, as well as exquisite and very Italian is his mastery of the prints in this set of pantsuit total print that gives us of face to face with Italy.

And thank goodness.