Why Every Woman Needs a Vagina Pocket Now

The latest craze among the stars: Vagina bags. Pussy riot, Beyonc√© (officially 34) and the transgender model Andreja pace (24) built into their already the new “pussy”pouch! This is not only beautiful, but also has a message.

By pink or gold leather up to the version with crystalline sparkling “intimate haircut” – the bag with the 3-D is vulva to have different versions .

A serious message hidden but behind the first humorous appearing accessory: the label DAMNsel wants to make New York’s attention with his designs on the so-called “Manspreading” in public transport.

Rachel Feinberg came up with the idea for the bags, the designer behind DAMNsel in the crowded New York Metro sat and studied the behaviour of other passengers:

While the men with their extremely far apart her legs uncovered the view of her crotch and it took two seats in claim whole, female passengers – including yourself – tried to make possible invisible placed handbags with legs proposed over and on her knees.

“Us women is allowed by small on drummed up, we give us not so carefree like men,” explained their observations in conversation with Refinery29 Feinberg. “I don’t know why we have not same luxury. Female body parts are as suggestive as a penis? “.”

Her vagina bags should now allow women their breitbeiniges despite legs supporting over and elegant attitude subtly point out to make that they argue in terms of the usual gender roles for rethinking social.

The example Instagram, whose Betreiber between them to block the account of the labels were once again shows that our society has catching up to do here yet powerful. The reason: The vagina bags were too objectionable. So no, it’s fashion!