One of the attractions of Kaunas is Pazaislis Monastery.


The old town is charming

The cobbled streets of Kaunas Old Town have a charmingly peaceful atmosphere. The influence of Poland and Central Europe is clearly visible.

It is easy to walk along Vilniaus Street in the Old Town towards the newer city center and its main street, Laisvès Alèja. There are many cafés, restaurants and shopping opportunities in these areas.

The heart of the Old Town is the Central Market, around and in the nearby streets you will find the town hall, the sports museum, the Maironis Museum of Lithuanian cultural history and the churches of St. Francis Xavier and St. George. The church of Vytautas closer to the river is also worth seeing.

Kaunas surprises as a shopping city

The price level in Lithuania is slightly cheaper than in Finland. Clothing can be bought cheaply and there is plenty to offer. The large shopping malls Akropolis and Mega are modern shopping malls, of which the Akropolis is located right in the center and Mega, on the other hand, near the city’s northern bypass.

More personal The place to shop is the giant market area Urmas. Urmas consists of several warehouse buildings, which are full of the most diverse small shops. There are about a thousand shops here in total, so it takes a lot of time to get around everything.

Devils and demons in the museum

One of the specialties of Kaunas is the museum presenting devils and demons. Its collection includes a wide variety of devils, trolls, elves and other folklore figures.

If the Devil’s Museum is not attractive, there are, of course, other interesting museum sites in Kaunas. In addition to the art museum focusing on Lithuanian art, there is also the Animal Museum, the Museum of the Resistance and the War Museum. In total, the city has more than thirty different museums.

Delicacies in the peace of the monastery

In Pazailis Monastery, just outside the city, you can visit not only to visit the handsome baroque church of Krumeluur, but also to dine in the Monte Pacis restaurant. The fine restaurant combines international trends, local food and local culinary traditions. It is advisable to book a table in advance for dinner.

There is a green park around the castle

The present castle of Kaunas dates back to the 14th century. Its walls up to 3.5 meters thick have seen over the centuries many wars and twists and turns in history from the Prussian to the Soviet era. During 2009–2010, the castle was restored.

It is surrounded by a green park area that extends all the way to the confluence of the Nemunas and Neris rivers. The surroundings of the castle are a nice destination for an afternoon walk or even a picnic on a sunny summer day. Various events and concerts are also held in the castle area.

Stumbras is a Lithuanian rapids

Stumbras’ products are well-known throughout Lithuania. It is a famous alcohol manufacturer whose products include 999 brand vodkas. The name of the product comes from the number of herbs used in the preparation. However, there are not nine hundred ingredients, and the taste is created by combining nine different herbs three times.

You can only participate in the factory tour with your tastings as a group, but a group size of eight people is enough. One of the specialties of the factory is the kosher vodka it produces. The rabbi inspects everything from the grains once a year.

The red-brick tower of the Stumbras factory was for a long time the tallest structure in the whole city and thus a prominent landmark and a favorite place for photography for tourists.



Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania.

At least experience these

  1. The atmosphere of the old town
  2. Shopping day at Urmas Center
  3. I would love the monastery environment
  4. A museum showcasing devils and demons
  5. Visit the Stumbras factory

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