Christmas Vacations – Vacation in Asia in December

Do you ever dream of leaving the winter winters of Finland behind you and spending Christmas in a sunnier atmosphere?

Many travel destinations in Southeast Asia are perfect for a Christmas holiday.

Read more and be inspired to plan your next Christmas holiday below!

Where would I travel for Christmas?

Asia, especially East and Southeast Asia, has a large selection of interesting travel destinations that are at their best in December.

There is plenty of heat and sun, and rains are rare.

We have put together less than three complete Christmas holiday destinations in Asia.

Christmas in Thailand

Christmas in Thailand

Thailand is known for its fascinating cities, hospitable people, picturesque islands and stunning sandy beaches.

December is high season. And it’s easy to understand!

During this time, the temperatures are pleasantly warm, the rains are quite low and the sun is shining full blade.

  • In northern Thailand, temperatures are pleasant during the day and cooler at night
  • Central Thailand is quite hot during the day, but the air cools down a bit when the evening comes
  • Southern Thailand, on the other hand, is hot both day and night. Note that in western southern Thailand – e.g., Krabi and Koh Hailla – there is a dry season, while in the east – e.g., Koh Samui – there is a rainy season.

You can learn more about the weather by reading our article on Thailand’s climate and rainy seasons.

On a Christmas holiday in Thailand, you can experience all the main attractions of the country: Bangkok and the Kwai River in central Thailand, Chiang Mai and the Golden Triangle in the north, and Thailand’s most stunning sandy beaches in the south.

If you dream of sandy beaches, you can combine your trip with a beach holiday in Khao Lak, Cha Am or Koh Samui. Alternatively, head to island hopping, a popular choice during the Christmas season

3 travel deals for Christmas holidays in Thailand

Christmas in Sri Lanka

Christmas in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a lot to offer, whether you are interested in culture, nature or beaches.

In December, the Sri Lankan sky is blue, the sun is shining and the rains are low – depending, of course, on where in the island you are staying.

  • December is a dry season in the western and southwestern parts of Sri Lanka
  • In the eastern and northeastern parts of Sri Lanka, the Maha monsoon is blowing, bringing rain when it comes.

So December is a great time to travel to the west and southwest coasts of Sri Lanka. The Yala monsoon has subsided and you can enjoy the blue sky and sunshine in peace.

The highlands of Sri Lanka – however, which is always slightly rainier than the coasts – are also a good destination in December. Thanks to the rains of previous months, Sri Lanka is at its greenest and most lush at this time, so now is a great time to visit Sri Lanka’s beautiful national parks.

Because of the Maha monsoon, which is plaguing northern and eastern Sri Lanka, one has to head west or southwest for a beach holiday. Combine your trip with a beach holiday in Negombo, Mirissa or Hikkaduwa, for example. Alternatively, you can combine certain Sri Lankan trips with a luxury holiday in the Maldives.

Christmas in Vietnam

Christmas in Vietnam

Christmas is an incredibly beautiful time in Vietnam.

The climate is mild everywhere. However, it is worth bearing in mind that in a long country, there are many regional variations between North and South.

  • In the southern parts of Vietnam there are many hours of sunshine and very little rain.
  • Central Vietnam is warmer than the north and cooler than the south.
  • It is dry in North Vietnam, but December is one of the coolest months of the year.

So December is a great time to tour the interesting sights of South and Central Vietnam and spend a few relaxing beach days in the south, such as Phan Thiet or Phu Quoc, at the end of the trip.

You can also combine a trip to Vietnam with the glorious Angkor Wat of Cambodia or both Cambodia and Laos. The latter is a particularly popular tour in December.

Do you prefer Africa?

If Asia isn’t excited this time, you can book your Christmas break from our sister office on the African Safari.

Africa offers world-class safari trips in stunning national parks, self-guided car holidays on the famous Garden Route and, of course, also relaxing beach holidays on the paradise islands. Read more and discover the best Christmas holiday destinations in Africa .

Christmas Vacations - Vacation in Asia in December

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