Custo Barcelona Dresses The Bottles of Freixenet MiniBlack: This Is Drink with Style

Sophisticated, avant-garde and very appetizing. So are the bottles Freixenet MiniBlack It has been designed Custo Barcelona, to taste the cava and a glamorous way to fashion. An exclusive to take Edition cava stylish premises and rooms cool.

“To design the mini-botellas, I’ve inspired by the Kaleidoscope, giving a three-dimensional appearance to prints. It’s the same technique that I developed for my new collection which I have just presented in New York”

It is not the first time that the catalan creator are encouraged to design a drink bottle. It has already done so on numerous occasions for several brands of beer, and always gives his personal touch of abstract prints.

With an informal and ground-breaking image and the innovative design of its bottle, Miniblack has become more fun, innovative and exclusive proposal to try a cava of fruity notes. You can get it only in perfumery, fragrance purchase Pure Custo.