Ghesquiere Triumphs in Louis Vuitton and H & M Opens Its First Store of Man in Spain

It is with Nicolas Ghesquiere in Louis Vuitton, H & M opens its first shop of man in Spain and Suzy Menkes is going to Condé Nast, among other innovations:

  • The big news of the week was the debut of Nicolas Ghesquiere in Louis Vuitton, a collection autumn-winter 2014 / 2015 recovered good fashion. A collection that could be Louis Vuitton.
  • H & M will present its first Shop only for men in Spain under the name H & M Man. It will be in April in Madrid.

  • Suzy Menkes leave the international New York Times and passed Condé Nast, where will collaborate in Vogue [more in Vogue UK]
  • ‘Dior et Moi’ is the title of the documentary that will premiere on April 17 at the Tribeca Film Festival and which reflects the first collection of Raf Simons high Couture for Dior. Directed by Frederic Tcheng. [More on Tribeca]
  • Miranda Kerr is the new Wonderbra woman.
  • Sisley Opens a new concept store in Berlin. [More on Benetton]
  • Samsung EGO He has already published the rules for participation for the new edition of Samsung EGO Innovation Project. The prize is 10,000 euros to develop a collection that combines fashion and technology. The deadline is open until June 2. [More at MBFWM]
  • The rise of the accessories in designers, a reflection in the hands of The Business of Fashion.