Matthew Williamson Prepares Its Collection for H & M

May 14, write down this date on your calendar because this will be the day that Matthew Williamson present his men’s collection in major stores of the chain H & M. It is still a secret to how will be the collection of guy this summer, just images available, but since Mensencia you anticipate that you will not disappoint.

The British designer, thus, joins the many collaborations that have provided other unique signatures for the Swedish chain. Back are the collections that Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli or the Japanese company Comme de Garcons designed in its day to H & M.

Those who don’t know to Matthew Williamson tell you that it uses color in a manner few designers dare to emulate. Often sprinkle the Roses intense, the fluorescent yellow and acid Greens with a touch invigorating, both their garments from day to night. Pink and Fuchsia will be two colors that you’ll see in some items as shirts and pants (bottom photo).

Matthew established his own firm in 1996, after working for two years as a consultant in a British firm of consumption. In 2002, she opened a textile line for home and presented his collection of women in the New Yor Fashion Week. Its first store opened in 2004 in Bruton Street London and currently has hundreds of outlets in the best boutiques multiple signature of the world.

If you want more information, on its new collaboration with H & M, I leave you this video where he explains the fundamentals of his collection. Indeed, the American carrying at the beginning of the same is presumed that it will form part of this collection.

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