Miu Miu Autumn/Winter 2008/09 in The Paris Fashion Week

If the current season is for Miu Miu as a tribute to antique dolls, the Harlequins and all those toys which still nia caused me terror, but that seen from the perspective of a munequezca Kirsten Dunst look phenomenal.

Up to Chloe Sevigny It seems to have become addicted to the outfits from Miuccia Prada for spring-summer 2008. But if the dolls was the theme of this season, sports and horse riding are the next, Autumn-Winter 2008/09.

The image on the runway were wearing models jumpsuits or two-tone suits made of silk and spandex that reminded me of surfers costumes, while the Beanie and the pony tail was a style very 30’s form as the women went to the pool. Could it be that I just saw Atonement?

I really liked the detail of the initials of the models recorded in designs on the left side of his chest. But as the parade progressed, I realized that already not thought much sport in the collection, but the details of oriental influence as straight-cut dresses, sleeves and collar or synthetic fabrics that were very retro dresses.

The star of the catwalk color was Black, However, much is mixed with orange, Slate, burned red and green instenso, in addition to appear these colors as their own designs. Among the fabrics have already mentioned it some: silk, satin, spandex and other synthetic drugs that give the feeling hardness and static.

But what caused sensation in the collection sister small of Prada was nothing more than the various colours-boots who is proposing for the next season and the doctor bags in combination with some other color alligator skin. I’ll start saving for the black boots with Greens that appear in the photo above, I loved.

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