Morsels of Royalty: The Headdress of The Princess Beatriz Already! on Ebay

Announced I a few days ago. The díscola and with a great sense of humor Princess Beatriz, I had decided to ignore criticism of his attire in the Royal Wedding and get to auction the headdress of Philip Treacy who both gave that talk and criticize.

That day has come. And is that if the Princes have not already married to princesses why princesses have not auction their actual gowns and headdresses?

The Act in question have crumbs.

Let’s unveil the details: the price of output 5,000 pounds, a price that might make us cry out, Oh my god! and that however it is being so well received that it has already risen up to 16,000 pounds with exactly 60 bids.

The auction ends on May 22 and the revenue will go to Unicef.  Does anyone give more?