Moved Proportions: “ACNE Studios” Resort 2015

Acne and I, since we speak almost of a love-hate relationship. All too often drives me the Swedish brand, the now the “cult-stamps” has gotten used to in the madness and at the same time to ruin. How it’s possible? Easy: Just I’m cursing in the store, because I can believe that hike let now 400 Euronchen for a polyester blouses dream over the counter and in the next moment erspahe I beige pants made of pure silk, which makes me quite embarrassed and appears suddenly also still quite terribly affordable with their 200 euros – Kafaei. An eternal dilemma that probably began with the climb of the high-fashion Modeolymps of the former casual label. Creative Director and founder Jonny Johansson knows namely how to keeps customers on the one hand on the pole and makes on the other hand quite hungry for the new luxury factor of brand – finally is already in Paris, and no longer in the Stockholm dared shown.

But what brings us 2015 the resort collection, the off-season is supposed to be above all portable? Luxury or high street? Scandinavian simple designs or glamour? Both. But above all, Shifted proportions.
What we can learn:

– fishing hats are and remain good
– just like a bit oversized Granny-chic
– the whole thing but necessarily with layers of sneakers break, otherwise’s to Baker
– MIDI lengths and folds go still, even both at the same time

– high water pants are back!
– just like toes Blitzer
– pleats and highlighted are loose silhouettes are an unbeatable team

– just spoke all over the world by the “dress over pants” trend, now comes the kimono!
– and the color first!
– and then to the Orange!
– deep V-necks continue, but again enriched with blouses
– when there is no flood, have extra length intensity
– too long are ’ s not

– as in the past: too long sleeve
– a deeper step
– and the pants lies on the shoes – Voilà!

– are everywhere now
– conjure up waist
– must be no longer wide, narrow, it is at least as nice!
– handy! Boyfriend looks so namely yet feminine outfits are

A-line, Bell shapes & messy wet hair.