Nauru Culture and Traditions

Customs and traditions

According to Abbreviationfinder, the Naurus are usually said to be more Western influenced than other peoples on small South Pacific islands. The Western presence during the colonial era and the great material abundance that characterized the country for a few decades have contributed to the extinction of indigenous customs and traditions.

Australian football – almost a mixture of football and rugby – is national sport. Weightlifting is also popular and many Naurus have been successful abroad. This includes former President Marcus Stephen, who won a large number of medals in international competitions.

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However, some music with rhythmic singing has been preserved, as well as fishing with traditional methods. Catching and taming frigate birds is also an old custom that lives on.

Furthermore, the Naurus often have a strong identity attached to the nation and to their own clan. In the past, the residents were divided into two classes, and in addition there was a class of non-Naurus who were not allowed to own land. Nowadays, the Naurus see their society as democratic, and they refrain from class thinking.

However, the ties to one’s own family, or clan, are still important. Society is traditionally matrilinear, which means that kinship is mainly counted on the mother. The position of women is relatively strong, although men dominate in politics, for example.

Children are expected to show reverence for the elderly, not least for mothers. Pointing is considered rude.

Almost all food is imported, with the exception of fish and some fruits and vegetables that the residents grow themselves. Rice is a staple. Fast food is popular, which leads to health problems (see Social conditions).

In Nauru, too, the Naurus are Western influenced: shorts and linen are common. Anyone who wants to visit a church or government should dress a little stricter. Swimsuits are not normally used – the Naurus bath with their clothes on.

According to Countryaah, Independence Day is celebrated on January 31 and Constitution Day on May 17, both on the occasion of the liberation from Australia in 1968. Another important celebration is Angam Day on October 26. Angam means about fulfillment, and it is celebrated that the population has on two occasions recovered after risking disappearing. It happened in 1932 and 1949, when it managed to reach 1,500 individuals after falling below what is considered a critical limit.

National Youth Day is celebrated on September 25 and holidays also fall on New Year, Easter and Christmas.

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