Protaras, Cyprus

Protaras is a small resort in Cyprus, which attracts tourists from all over the world every year. As in most resorts in Cyprus, there are wonderful beaches, amazingly clean emerald sea and beautiful nature, and the weather of Protaras allows you to relax in comfortable conditions from mid-spring to mid-autumn. The landscape of Protaras deserves special attention: this resort is surrounded by spacious green fields, small villages of local residents, farms and windmills, which give this secluded corner on Earth additional charm. Protaras is a resort mainly for those who love a calm and measured rest, it is good to come here for the elderly and families with children. The leisure industry is well developed in this place, modern Protaras hotels, water sports at the sea and various cafes are waiting for tourists, restaurants and taverns. The unique quiet and cozy atmosphere of Protaras will give you unforgettable moments of relaxation that you will remember with pleasure and will definitely want to come here again.


Due to the fact that Protaras was specially founded for tourists, there are practically no historical and architectural monuments in this place. You can only pay attention to the church of St. Elias, which is located on a hill near Protaras, and to the sea caves on Cape Greco, which will enchant you with a mysterious setting. You can also visit the ancient villages that are located near Potaras, or go to other cities of the island of Cyprus, in which there are a large number of attractions.


The beaches of Protaras are one of the attractions of this resort. Beautiful golden sand, perfect cleanliness and well-groomed – these are the reasons why the beaches of Protaras are considered among the best in the world. The most popular beaches of Protaras are Flamingos and the beach located in Fig Tree Bay.


The most popular entertainment in Protaras is relaxing on the magnificent beaches under the hot sun of Cyprus. This place is suitable for both young families with children and noisy youth who love outdoor activities. Fans of water sports will get an unforgettable pleasure from scuba diving in the surrounding waters, the diversity and beauty of the local marine flora and fauna will impress even seasoned divers. On the beaches there is an opportunity to ride jet skis, boats and yachts. Fans of incendiary dances and night clubs will be able to dance at night discos to the rhythms of modern music.

Night life

Protaras has a large variety of restaurants and bars where you can taste dishes from around the world, as well as nightclubs and discos, the main life of which begins after dark. The largest concentration of entertainment venues is located in the center of Protaras, in the evenings there is an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment of relaxation.

Protaras, Cyprus

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