Salma Hayek Midwived a Boat

For quite some time that we did not see it in any public ceremony, and alone. From that to marry the wealthy French businessman Henri-Fran├žois Pinault , Mexican actress has been reduced virtually to zero its assistance to parties and events, and which is now mother of a seven-month-old child, name Valentina Paloma, seeing it is all a prize.

The truth is that the protagonist of Bandidas still as beautiful as ever, or more, and here we see it, radiant, sheathed in a coat three quarters combined with a skirt pleated in Golden hues and a grey shirt quite transparent, knotted at the neck. Very lady.

That Yes, the thing has trick, is that your appointment, as godmother of the vessel “Il mostro” last Monday in Boston, it is no coincidence, already the company that sponsors it, PUMA, It is owned by the conglomerate of luxury brands owned by his spouse Mr, a holding company called Artemis, In addition to this well-known sports company has in its power to Gucci, Balenciaga and YSL, La Redoute, and the auction house Christie’s. In fact, says that the Master Saint Laurent he hung the needle because of disagreements with Mr Pinault, and I am sure that well was because the husband of Salma It is reputed to be a despot so much when it comes to business.

We now explain perfectly to the ex-amiguisima Penelope selflessly provide your image to the Shipping Act, and is that everything is at home, or in this case and rather mansion.