Sigatoka, Fiji

Sigatoka is the largest city near the legendary coast of Fiji under the romantic name of Coral Coast. Famed for the non-tanned Yankees, this tourist area on Viti Levu is considered the most popular in the whole country. Part of the glory also falls to Sigatoka, although at first glance there is not much to do here. But this is only at first glance.

In fact, this town is considered one of the most popular day trip routes from Nadi or the entire Coral Coast. And the point here is this: literally 2 km from Sigatoka are the grandiose Sand Dunes – the number one place in Fiji for replenishing cultural baggage. A considerable plus for the town is the fact that it is located in an exceptionally picturesque place on the banks of the river of the same name.

The only unpleasant moment: if you want to enjoy walking along those very dunes, think about spending the night in Korotogo, since this is not very good in Sigatuk. There are practically no good accommodation options. See for weather in the capital of Fiji.

How to get there

Getting to Fiji is long, expensive and tiring, but worth it. Anyone who aspires specifically to Sigatoku (or rather, nevertheless, to the Coral Coast) will like the news that for them the transfer will be literally minimal. Because the town is located in close proximity to the main international airport of Fiji, in Nadi.

So, the path of a tourist to Sigatoka will be as follows: flight Moscow – Seoul (as an option – through Tokyo, for example). Then transfer on board to Nadi (about 9 hours from Seoul). Further, the path to the town is simple – look for small Viti Mini Buses, the fare for which will cost about 15-20 FJD. The same buses run between Suwa and Sigatoka (about 32 FJD).

Sigatoka is 61 km from Nadi and 127 km west of Suva.

Attractions and attractions in Sigatoka

There are not many attractions directly in Sigatoka – this is the cultural center of Kalevu, a market and a large mosque. But ask every first grader in the country about the legendary Sigatoka Sand Dunes and he’ll tell you a whole treatise. This, by the way, is the first national park in Fiji, which is located near the village of Kulukulu (2 km south of Sigatoka).

Sand Dunes National Park

The area of ​​dunes, so uncharacteristic for Fiji, occupies an area of ​​about 650 hectares. This is one of the main archaeological sites in the country – about 60 burials of the period of the 15th century BC were found here. e., the sacred caves of Naihere and samples of pottery and tools from the era of the settlement of the islands.

In total, there are almost 200 archaeological sites and about a dozen fortified settlements of the Tongans, including the Tavuni fort.

Fascinating stories, fictions and real facts about cannibals who once lived in Fiji can be found in the Sand Dunes Museum.

You should definitely look into the local museum, whose guides – fanatic connoisseurs – will tell the history of the region with pleasure and sentimental details. In particular, there are fascinating stories, fictions and real facts about cannibals who once lived in Fiji.

The cost of visiting the national park is about 27 FJD. The dunes are open from 08:00 to 17:00; it is better to come as early as possible so that the merciless Fijian sun does not turn sightseers into a well-fried steak. There are two circular routes to choose from – an hour and a two-hour one, which will lead you through the very best places in the park: from historical outbacks to the main natural beauties.

Prices on the page are for November 2022.

Sigatoka, Fiji

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