Terskol, Kabardino-Balkaria Republic (Russia)

According to Ask4beauty.com, the village of Terskol is located in Kabardino-Balkaria, 4 km from the Azau glade in the Baksan gorge of the North Caucasus. The village is surrounded by a pine forest, and its height above sea level is 2125 m. Not far from Terskol there are lifts to the mountains Elbrus (5642 m) and Cheget (3700 m).

Fans of steep slopes ride on Cheget, and those who prefer spacious slopes and snowboarders ride on Elbrus. The elevation difference on Cheget is 1140 m, on Elbrus – up to 2000 m. On some parts of the slopes you can ski almost all year round. The lifts to Elbrus are located 4 km from Terskol, and to Cheget – 1.5 km, from Terskol a regular bus runs to them. The highest and most accessible point for skiing on Elbrus is “Shelter 11” – 4200 meters.

The tracks of Cheget are considered one of the most difficult in the world ski resorts. In this region there are opportunities for off-piste skiing, everyone, together with an instructor, can make descents along untouched virgin lands from the surrounding peaks. At the foot of Elbrus, a helicopter is on duty daily.

Near Terskol there is a spring with mineral water Achi-Su.

Togliatti, Samara region (Russia)

Tolyatti is located 100 km northwest of Samara on the left bank of the Volga River. This is the second largest city in the Samara region.

The fortress on the site of the modern city was founded in 1737 by Vasily Nikitich Tatishchev for the Kalmyks in order to transfer them to a settled way of life. Initially it was called Stavropol. In 1780, the fortress with the settlement received the status of a city. The heyday of Stavropol came in the middle of the 20th century, when the construction of the Volga hydroelectric power station and the AvtoVAZ automobile plant began. During the construction of the hydroelectric power station, the city was flooded and it was moved to a new location. In 1964, Stavropol was renamed Togliatti in honor of the Italian communist Palmiro Togliatti.

Due to the transfer of the city to a new place, there are few attractions in it, most of them are located in the Central District. Here is the main square of the city – Freedom Square. The Eternal Flame burns on it, in front of which stands the Obelisk of Glory, erected in honor of fellow countrymen who died during the Civil War and the Great Patriotic War. At the Central Square there is a monument to Nicholas the Wonderworker, a belfry and the Nativity Chapel. Opposite the square is a city park. There are various monuments in the park, among which is the monument to V.I. Lenin, the monument “Grieving Angel”, dedicated to the victims of political repression, and a monument in the form of a stone block in honor of the builders of the city. On the observation deck of Togliatti, which is installed on the banks of the Volga, there is an equestrian statue of the founder of the city, V.N. Tatishchev. There are several museums in the city. The AvtoVAZ Technical Museum invites visitors to look at a variety of plant products – from sewing machines to ballistic missiles, a 90-meter submarine, aircraft, helicopters, engineering equipment, diesel locomotives, artillery, tanks, radars and models of the AvtoVAZ plant, more than 3500 in total. exhibits. Must visit Museum of Historical and Cultural Heritage of Togliatti , Museum of Local Lore of Togliatti and Art Museum “Togliatti Art Gallery”.

One of the oldest sanatoriums in Russia, the Lesnoye sanatorium, operates in Togliatti. Its buildings are located in a pine forest, not far from the banks of the Volga. The main direction of the sanatorium is anti-tuberculosis treatment. The main treatment factor is koumiss, which is made from cow’s milk. From Tagliatti, you can take a ferry to the other side of the Volga River to the territory of Samarskaya Luka. Here is the most popular place for recreation – “Golden Sands” with equipped beaches.

Not far from Tolyatti, in the village of Fedorovka, there is the Annunciation Skete (19th century), where you can look at the Varvara Church of 1846, the Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin and the Intercession Cathedral.

In the vicinity of Tolyatti, the village of Tashla is interesting, where the famous Tashli spring, revered in the Orthodox world, is located. It was here on the eve of the revolution of 1917 that the icon “The Redeemer from Troubles” appeared. Now this icon is stored in the Tashli temple, where pilgrims constantly come.

Tuapse, Krasnodar region (Russia)

The Tuapse resort area stretches along the sea for 100 km. The Tuapse district includes the settlements of Agoy, Gizel-Dere, Dzhubga, Lermontovo, Novomikhailovsky, Nebug, Olginka and Shepsi.

Tuapse is located in the valleys of two rivers, separated by a fairly high mountain. If you climb the mountain along the old road, then the whole city will be in full view. At the highest point of the pass, an anti-aircraft gun is installed – a monument to the soldiers who defended the sky during the war.

In Tuapse you can admire the landscape masterpieces – these are more than fifty legal objects that have the official status of a natural monument; dolmens and ancient settlements comparable in age to the Egyptian pyramids. Excursions are organized to the Tuapse winery with wine tasting, to the largest water park “Delfin” and the dolphinarium, which are located 10 km from the city, to the Guam Gorge, the Beshenaya River canyon with the opportunity to go fishing and taste fresh fish soup, to the Kiselev rock, where scenes from the /f “Diamond Hand”, as well as boat trips, diving, yachting.

The beaches in the Tuapse area are mostly small pebbles. The sea is deep enough, the bottom is flat. In addition to the beaches of villages and health resorts, there are many capes, coves with picturesque rocks and forests in the area, closely adjacent to the coast.

Terskol, Kabardino-Balkaria Republic (Russia)

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