Tours to Jordan

Despite the fact that the territory of Jordan is 90% desert, the country enjoys increased attention from tourists. The secret of this popularity is quite simple: tours to Jordan will allow you to see sights that have no analogues in the whole world.

Having bought a ticket to this country in the Middle East at an affordable price, you can enjoy the views of the famous Petra, walk through the ancient cities of Amman and Madaba. Also, holidays in Jordan provide an excellent opportunity to go on an exciting safari on jeeps or camels in the desert, see the seabed and coral reefs while diving into the waters of the Gulf of Aqaba.

Shops and souvenirs: Souvenirs – woven rugs from Madaba, bottles of multi-colored sand from Petra, olive wood crafts, ceramics and copper utensils, jewelry, Bedouin black silver jewelry and much more. You can buy cosmetics based on Dead Sea products. But you can also “pick up” it yourself on the shores of the Dead Sea.

Shops are open from 09:30 to 13:30, then reopen at 15:30 and stay open until 18:00. Large stores (usually supermarkets) are open without interruption from 08:00 to 20:00. During Ramadan, most shops close early.

Security: Jordan, despite the fact that it is an Arab country and borders Iraq, Syria, Israel, and Lebanon is located in close proximity, is a quiet and very peaceful country. It is safe to walk the streets here at any time of the day or night. However, women should not go out alone in the evening in short skirts, tight shorts, etc.

Culture: Jordan is a predominantly Islamic country, although religious freedom is protected by law. Muslim women’s clothing covers their legs, arms and hair. Western women are not required to follow these customs, but overly revealing outfits are never allowed. On the territory of old Amman and in the countryside, both women and men should adhere to a conservative dress code. Shorts are almost never worn. In the center of Amman, they will be especially inappropriate, regardless of the gender of their owner. Sunbathing without the top of a swimsuit is prohibited. One-piece bathing suits are preferred, but separates may be worn for swimming in the hotel pool.

There are many smokers in Jordan, but only large hotels have rooms for them. We recommend trying to smoke narjile (hookah) – this is an interesting experience.

Telephone communications: The country code is 962. To call from Jordan to Russia, dial 007. To call from one city in Jordan to another, dial 0 (analogue of eight) + city code (for example, Amman +6, Aqaba and Petra + 3). Phones that start with 079 and 077 are mobile. When calling them, the caller is charged as for a long-distance call. In some hotels, a call to a mobile phone may be billed as a call abroad. In addition, most hotels charge for at least 3 minutes, which can be inconvenient if you need less time to talk, or if, for example, the person you called had an answering machine. Ambulance – 199. Police – 191. Rescue service – 190.

Cellular communication.There are two largest mobile operators in Jordan – FastLink (code-079) and MobilCom (code-077). The most common is FastLink. It has the largest number of points of sale and the best coverage area. So we advise the owners of mobile phones to purchase for 15 dinars a SIM card of this operator with 5 dinars on the account. A minute of conversation with Moscow will cost you 0.7 dinars, which is much cheaper than using roaming. And local calls cost about 0.1 dinars. Incoming calls are free.

Electricity: The voltage in the power supply system is 220 volts AC, 50 Hz. Although most sockets are designed for standard plugs, three-prong sockets are also quite common. US guests will need a converter. They are provided by most hotels.

Health: Water. Water in Jordan is a valuable resource and tourists are asked to treat it with care. Hotels with three stars and above have their own filter systems and the water is considered drinkable. In any other place you can always buy bottled drinking water.

Medical service. The cities provide excellent medical care; most doctors speak Arabic and English. Large hotels have their own doctors. If necessary, a suitable clinic can be recommended at the embassy. Any hotel administrator or taxi driver will tell you how to get to the hospital.

Pharmacies. Pharmacies sell medicines to treat minor ailments. Many of them are open 24 hours. And yet, tourists are advised to bring with them constantly used medicines, since they may not be available in Jordan.

Caution – while swimming in the Dead Sea, you need to protect your eyes: it is best to wear goggles for swimming in the pool, in extreme cases, sunglasses are suitable – they will protect your eyes from accidental splashes. You can remove the trapped salt with a corner of the towel (just gently blot).

Tours to Jordan

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