Trencin, Slovakia

Trencin is a mighty 1069 castle perched on formidable cliffs, with charming Renaissance buildings and a fun campus vibe. Two or three days spent here will not let even the most tireless and inquisitive tourist get bored. Trencin offers cozy nightlife, a couple of miniature museums, including a chic collection of modern Czech and Slovak art, as well as educational trips around the area – to the spa resort of Trencianske Teplice or to the traces of the stay of Roman legionnaires in 179 AD. e. — Laugaricio.

Modern Trencin is an important tourist and textile center of Slovakia, and the local hockey team “Dukla Trencin” has been “rubbing its noses” at national clubs for several years in a row, becoming the country’s champion four times. See bridgat for climate and weather information of Slovakia.

How to get to Trencin

Trencin is located 10 km from the Czech border, on the Vah River, on the site of the Roman legion Laugaricio, just 120 km from the capital of the country. By car from Bratislava can be reached along the D1 highway, the journey takes 1 hour.

The train is the fastest and most convenient way to get to Trencin. Every day, up to 11 fast trains depart from Bratislava (journey time 1.5 hours), going to Zilina and Kosice, and making a stop in this city. You can also take a bus ride: it takes about two hours to get to the capital, and 3 hours to Banska Bystrica.

Cuisine and restaurants

There are many good restaurants and cafes in Trencin, where you can taste both national dishes and (where without it) fast food. It is worth trying Cigánska pečienka (“gypsy liver”) – a fatty piece of pork rolled according to an old recipe.

On a budget, you can have a bite to eat at the popular U Sanera restaurant – only national dishes are prepared here and they offer, well, just very large portions. It is also worth a look at the Gazdovska restaurant, which is located next to Peace Square. The only 24-hour restaurant in the city is Basta, which is located in a place called the “island”.

Italian cuisine can be found in the Giacomo pizzeria, listen to live music in a very good institution with decent prices – Retro Restaurant, and gourmet cuisine can be tasted at the Tatra Hotel. Despite the fact that Trencin is a fairly small town, there are many places where you can spend a pleasant evening sipping a glass or two of beer. And on Fridays and Saturdays, life in the local pubs is in full swing, as residents from all the surrounding villages are drawn into the city.

Trencin Hotels

Staying in Trencin without a bed is almost impossible. Although the size of the city is small, there are enough places to stay here: 4 hotels, many boarding houses and guest houses, and even a couple of campsites.

The best hotel is Elizabeth 4 *, which is already more than 113 years old, it may well be considered one of the main attractions of the city. One star less can be offered by Grand 3 * and Pod Hradom 3 * hotels. Both are near Peace Square and the castle. Finally, in Trencin there is also a nice “kopeck piece” – Brezina 2 *, which is located in the picturesque forest of Brezina.

Budget accommodation is offered by numerous boarding houses in Trencin, for example, u Svorada, which is also located in the very center of the city, on Peace Square, and is famous for budget and clean rooms of a low category. Romantics can be advised to stay at the Ostrov campsite, which is located on Lake Vah. Boating at sunset, swimming and sunbathing, as well as fishing available.

Entertainment and attractions

The third largest castle in Slovakia rises majestically above the city, divided into two parts inside: upper and lower. Above, around the medieval tower, there are buildings of the palace type. Beneath the castle, on the hills, lies the charming parish church (Farský kostol), which can be reached by the old steps leading into the nearby streets. The old town offers a picturesque square with a baroque church, many shops and restaurants, as well as a city tower. Of course, the castle is not idle – now it houses a museum. Opening hours: 9:00-17:30 May-October, 9:00-15:30 November-April.

Inside the castle you can find the “Wall of Love” (the legend is attached), one of the most ancient parts – the rotunda (9-10 centuries), the Barbara Palace and the Matthias Tower (11 century). During the summer, many concerts, events and colorful historical reenactments are held inside.

In the old town, it is worth climbing the City Tower (10:00-20:00 June-Sept), take a walk to the wooden stairs of the 16th century (Kryte schody) and look into the Bazovský Museum with an excellent collection of contemporary art from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The permanent exhibition also includes works by local artist Milos Bazovsky (1899-1968). Address: Palackeho 27 Tel: 032 743 6858 Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 Tue-Sun.

Other attractions: Church of St. Mary, chapel of St. Michael, Piarist Monastery, Lutheran Church, Synagogue, Town Hall, Executioner’s House (Matusova Ul. 14), Peace Square.

Trencianske Teplice is located 14 km northeast of the city and is famous for its neo-Moorish-style hammam baths (1888) and hot sulfur springs.

Every year the city hosts the popular Pohoda music festival, which attracts young people from all over Europe. The organizers of the festival do not ignore almost all styles: from the melancholy Moby to the incendiary rhythms of the Romanian orchestra.

Trencin, Slovakia

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